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Number 26

“Our designers learned AJ&Smart’s lean processes. They are now able to conceptualize, design and validate new products very fast, with very little waste.”
- Christian Rebernik, CTO, Number26

Number 26, backed by the legendary entrepreneur Peter Thiel (PayPal), is the most exciting startup in Europe right now, and we don't say a sentence like that easily. A digital only, mobile first bank in Germany isn't something we expected to see any time soon.

We worked with Number 26's internal product team in order to instil our lean, low waste approach to design and help concept the future of the Number 26 product. The entire process took 8 weeks and ended with a fully interactive, validated prototype which was then presented to the CEO.

UX Design for Mobile
A sweaty, exciting brainstorming session during the kickoff

Testing and Iteration

Like most of our projects, we got the first prototype up and running within a week so we were able to test and validate hypotheses as fast as possible. This allowed us to gain real user insights much more rapidly than conducting a time/money wasting user research study.

UX Design for Mobile
Sketching interface concepts to be tested


One of the most important parts of the process for Number 26 was learning our processes, which could then be repeated in-house. We worked closely with their designers and product managers to ensure that they all had hands-on experience with our product-building process. Working with the Number 26 team was great fun and the results we created with them were awesome!

UX Design for Mobile
Out on the streets asking people about their spending habits
UX Design for Mobile
Weekly testing of prototypes to validate concepts

The Future

Number 26 is a shining beacon of hope in an extremely conservative European startup landscape. They're trying something big, bold and hard. We were absolutely delighted to be a part of their story and can't wait to partner with them again.

UX Design for Mobile
Visualisation of spending trends was one of the concepts we worked on

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