You don't say no to an opportunity to help the UN World Food Program make the world a better place. So guess what? We said yes!

Sebastian, founder of ShareTheMeal had a very ambitious plan: End world hunger faster using disruptive technologies. His idea was to create a simple, transparent solution that would reduce the friction and "hidden fees" of donating to charities. For us this was a perfect opportunity to design and rapidly iterate on a product until it was absolutely fool-proof, yet engaging.

UX Design for Mobile
Members of ShareTheMeal discussing concept sketches with us

Testing and Iterating

For an app that is all about collecting donations (and ideally, more than just once), maintaining both high retention and conversion rates is extremely important – and in reality, you only get one shot at that. So we knew that we had to test our ideas with real people as fast as possible. Within just a few days, we were able to go from a couple of rough sketches to a first, interactive prototype. The insights gathered from these intense testing loops enabled us to refine our concept again and again, until there was nothing left to do but launch.

UX Design for Mobile
Rapid prototyping: From initial sketch to test-ready clickdummy within hours.
UX Design for Mobile
Interface of the final prototype

Global Launch

After rolling the first versions of the app out slowly and country by country, we iterated and improved the concept constantly until the big, global launch in November 2015, which was a massive success. Both Apple and Google featured the app globally, the media were excited and users absolutely loved it. But the best part is this: 4.3 Million meals and counting have been shared with people in need around the world.

UX Design for Mobile
Wasssupp! European launch billboards in Berlin.

Next Steps

This is just the beginning and there are many challenges ahead, especially with engagement within the app. We will continue to work with ShareTheMeal to solve these issues and create an even better product in the coming years.

UX Design for Mobile
Both Apple and Google included ShareTheMeal in their Best Apps of 2015.

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