Tangible Innovation

We help organisations like the UN, Lufthansa, N26, Zalando and eBay build better products, faster.

UX Design for Apps

Launch Fast, Learn Fast

We use Design Sprints to compress work that would usually take months into days. This allows us to launch products faster so we can learn from real user data, not guesswork.
“Being part of AJ&Smart's design process was revelatory. I haven't found a more enjoyable agency to work with.”
- Till Juchheim, Product Manager, Zalando
UX Design for Ecommerce
UX Design for Ecommerce
UX Design for Banking and Fintech
UX Design for Entertainment
UX Design for Telcos
UX Design for b2b
UX Design for Governments
UX Design for Ecommerce

Consulting & evaluation

Shaping your product vision

We use Design Sprints, Design Thinking and Lean UX practices to get you from rough ideas to a clear direction for your next product or feature.
“AJ&Smart help us make product decisions fast, no need to go around in circles, no need for endless discussion. They focus on progress not motion!”
– Andreas Heyden, CEO at DFL Digital
UX Design for Mobile

Client: World Food Program
Project: ShareTheMeal

Now one of the highest rated apps in both Apple App Store and Google Play Stores, we helped the WFP create a new kind of donations experience that has exceeded all expectations.
Read the Case Study

product design

Hands-On Iterative Design

We work closely with clients to ideate, design and test successful digital products, in rapid sprints that lead to verifiable results fast.
“In a short amount of time, AJ&Smart were able to turn a complicated list of features and business goals into an elegant product.”
– Simon Fabich, CEO, Monoqi
UX Design for Mobile

Client: N26
Project: Future Banking

N26 is changing the face of online banking. We helped them find new angles on old problems.
Read the Case Study

workshops & coaching

We enable teams and organizations

Our training workshops are designed to tackle the biggest problems and get to a workable solution fast. We also enable innovation in your company by teaching your teams the lean methods we use every day.
“Our designers learned AJ&Smart’s lean processes. They are now able to conceptualize, design and validate new products very fast, with very little waste.”
- Christian Rebernik, CTO, N26
UX Design Workshop and Consulting UX Design Workshop and Consulting UX Design Workshop and Consulting UX Design Workshop and Consulting User Testing User Testing

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