“I want my team to learn new methods and become more innovative. How can you help me?”

Level-up your company: Learn proven methods, used on real products.

We can offer your company or your product team something many training companies can't – because we're not a training company.

Our job is not to theorize, but to solve real-world problems and build real products for our clients. We believe in only teaching methods we use ourselves – and we only teach what works.

Trainings with tangible learnings.

We hate wasting time. That's why we don't like training programs that give you nothing to use in real-life situations.

Our training workshops are intense, hands-on and not for people just looking for a day off work. We will roll up our sleeves, learn by doing and solve the same problems we encounter in our client work. If that sounds like real work – don't worry. It's fun too. Promise! Here's how our workshops look in action:

Our Training Offering

Depending on your needs, we offer 3-hour teaser workshops and 1- and 2-day trainings:

Tangible InnovationWhat is innovation? Why does it seem that some people and some companies are just more innovative than others? Why do others fail to catch up, even though they spend millions on "innovation labs"? In our Tangible Innovation workshop we will show you what innovation really is, and how the mindset of innovative companies can be replicated by everyone.

UX Design for Mobile
A scene from our Tangible Innovation Workshop
UX Design for Mobile
Creating a Concept Storyboard for an Airline Service
Design Sprints Bootcamp – Building good products is not an issue anymore. What many companies still struggle with is to build the right product. Today, companies need to launch the right products faster and more efficient than their competition. But too many still waste time and money to chip away slowly at products that will be already be obsolete when they are market-ready. In our Design Sprint Bootcamp we teach new, proven ways to make product design faster, more relevant and more efficient, while reducing timelines from months to weeks.

UX Design for Mobile
Sketching out a product interface
UX Design for Mobile
Preparing participants for a real UX challenge

Design Thinking in Practice – Many Design Thinking courses only scratch the surface and leave participants with an overview of general concepts, but few applicable methods they can actually put to use. In our Design Thinking in Practice training, we teach, very hands-on, how Design Thinking relates to solving real, day-to-day problems, using real-life examples and case studies. At the end of the workshop, the participants will have created a real service or product, using Design Thinking methods.

UX Design for Mobile
Tool building exercise to teach the fundamentals of Design Thinking

Lean Product Design – Are you trying to instill lean processes in your company? Do you run an agency that struggles with digital product development? We will demonstrate workflows we use ourselves with real clients, show how we are able to prototype anything in just one day, and share how we managed to remove unnecessary waste from our projects.

UX Design for Mobile
A "Smart Home" rapid prototype created during a workshop

Custom workshops for your team – Where will VR and AR be 3 years from now? What is the future of digital publishing? Will people still use phones in 2019? What will the connected world look like when expensive technology is available to everyone? If you have specific workshop requests, we would love to have a chat with you.

UX Design for Mobile
Trying out the new VIVE and Daydream experiences

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