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AJ&Smart’s Innovation Toolkit upskills your team and your organization to generate more ideas, run more productive meetings, and build more successful products.

Give Your Team Superpowers

Give your teams practical tools to quickly build an army of confident collaborators, innovators, and facilitators who are able to develop and apply their skills in the real world.

Give all learners the ability to do their best work and enjoy working with others.

Empower managers to upskill their staff in collaboration, problem-solving and innovation.

Equip leaders with a more productive, innovative, and agile workforce.

Organisationally hardwire cognitive-diversity into workflows.

“This program shifts mindsets and gets people to want to collaborate and innovate. Then comes the real kicker… it gives them a toolkit to act and practice to build confidence.”

This is not training.
It’s a Behavior Change Experience!

The Innovation Toolkit is designed to build organizational agility and innovation capability, one person at a time.


for everyone to use in meetings as ‘swap outs’ replacing unstructured and unproductive discussion.

For example, note and vote or timeboxing


to solve common business challenges and workflow needs.

For example, project scoping, alignment, ideating, or problem solving


involving complex and interdependent workshops to solve complex innovation and product challenges.

For example, the Design Sprint

Program Overview

We have programs for ambitious people, future leaders, and innovators who want to learn and apply design thinking. And this program delivers differently to each of them.

Buy-in and Assessment: Do your Best Work, Faster

A free, introductory mini-course to engage and qualify learners

By creating early commitment to invest time and energy in the right Pathway, learners will be matched with content that’s suited to their needs and level of expertise.

Learners start here!

This short taster course gives learners a flavor of what’s ahead, what tools and techniques we share, and how they can be applied immediately. It also unlocks the next level of the program, creating early commitment to increase completion and application. Finally, it assesses learners’ needs and level of expertise, so they can continue their journey on the most relevant pathway.

Pathway 1: Accelerating Innovation Masterclass

Transform your entire workforce into an agile army of collaborators

We demystify all the basics around design thinking and innovation, shifting mindsets to contemporary agile approaches, and teach structured collaboration

Collaboration for Employees

Everyone has meetings everyday, but most people will never lead or design a workshop. This pathway empowers people to collaborate, innovate and proactively problem-solve. We show how to replace unstructured discussion and boring meetings with simple, easy-to-use exercises and tools to drastically level up employees’ quality of work, cognitive inclusivity and their ability to work more easily with others.

Pathway 2: Confident Facilitator Masterclass

Create design thinking champions and confident facilitators to scale innovation

Confident, capable internal facilitators are good for business, scaling design thinking, innovation, and collaboration internally, independently, and on-demand

Facilitating Workshops

Workshop and Design Sprint Facilitators accelerate organisational improvement and innovation by learning and applying multiple tools and techniques which makes teams work better together.

Additional Resources

We give each learner access to additional group coaching, deep-dives and materials to apply learnings in your organizations.

Live Coaching and Community

Expert-led practice sessions and Q&A coaching.

Digital Toolkit of Workshop Templates

100+ resources designed to give clear and granular instruction.

Design Sprint Masterclass

The only official Jake Knapp Certified Sprint Facilitation Accreditation, templates, and guides

Workshop Design Masterclass

The only official Jonathan Courtney Certified Workshop Design Accreditation, templates, and guides

Why you should learn from AJ&Smart

AJ&Smart are not armchair theorists. Everything we teach is grounded in effectiveness and real-life applicability. We only teach what we use ourselves, on high-stakes projects for companies all over the world.

We teach what works

Everything in the Innovation Toolkit builds on practical experience, not on theory. We only teach what has been battle-tested by our consultants, and proven it’s value in real-life innovation projects for some of the world’s most advanced companies.

Learn with the best

The world’s most forward-thinking companies trust us to help them solve their most complex, high value and business-critical product and innovation challenges.

And we train them how to do what we do independently, on demand.

What the best brands say about training with us:

“AJ&Smart's Design Sprint training was an incredibly valuable and enjoyable experience, that I know will have lasting impact on our business.”

Tom Cannon, Salesforce AppExchange

“AJ&Smart truly get how work is going to get done over the next few decades, and they are teaching people how to do it right now!”

Seth, UX Designer

“Loved learning and experiencing how to run a sprint. I also feel like I walked away with some awesome, decision making processes that can be effective as tools on their own.”

Bree Swineford, Product Designer, Twitter

“We use Sprints on many of our design projects because it’s a great way to get a lot of ideas and test them very quickly—without committing engineering work ahead of time.”

Adam Torres, Product Design Manager, Slack

“I am so thankful to have completed my training with AJ&Smart! I have so many more tools in my toolkit and can’t wait to get the most out of my meetings and maximize our time and resources.”

Mandi, Senior Product Owner

“Thanks to AJ&Smart we are ready to lead Design Sprints and design and facilitate custom workshops to solve the businesses most critical opportunities.”

Taylor, Strategist

“AJ&Smart provided a very fresh and inspirational learning experience coupled with practical expert tips on how to run a sprint yourself. I would recommend to try it out!”

Verena Lübken, Innovation Concept Designer at EON

“I am inspired and thrilled to start using the new techniques at work and in my private life!“

Agnieszka, Chief Strategy Officer

“After this fun and insightful training I am now better equipped to create and facilitate workshops, and will advocate for and lead these workshops across disciplines and domains!”

Lindsay, Senior UX Writer

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