Facilitation & Workshopping Training

Our world-class online training helps consultants, employees, and small teams learn how to facilitate with confidence.

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Why learn Facilitation & Workshopping?

Imagine having a skill that not only makes you a better leader, but also opens the door to exciting career opportunities and a 6-figure income.

By mastering the superpowers of facilitation & workshopping, you’ll be able to:

  • Enhance your leadership potential and influence
  • Adapt to ever-changing work environments
  • Drive innovation and effective decision-making
  • Improve teamwork and collaboration
  • Increase your value in the job market and unlock higher-paying opportunities

Join the community for Facilitators, or those who want to learn the skill of facilitation, where you can…

  • Learn about facilitation and workshops (like the Design Sprint!)
  • Talk about facilitation careers and how to build one (and make $$$ as a Facilitator!)
  • Share workshop/facilitation insights, experiences, and resources
  • Ask the AJ&Smart team questions about facilitation & workshops!

Who are our courses for?

Consultants, Coaches & Trainers, who are looking to…

  • Learn more effective and enjoyable ways to deliver value to clients
  • Increase their income without needing to work more
  • Stay ahead of the curve with the latest innovation processes

Individual Employees at companies, who are looking to…

  • Learn new, better ways of working with their team
  • Move towards strategy and innovation, and away from execution
  • Increase their value and in an ever-changing job market

Small Businesses & Startups, who are looking to…

  • Collaborate more effectively
  • Make progress quicker than ever before
  • Foster a culture of innovation and effective collaboration

What our students say…

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