Our training helps people work better, together and do more valuable work, faster.

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Why train with AJ&SMART?

Give Your Team Superpowers

Supercharge your career or fast track company growth by using the same skills, tools, and methodologies trusted by the world’s most successful brands.

Superpower #1

Have the right tools and techniques to design and deliver Design Sprints and any type of workshop.

Superpower #2

Build confidence in your diagnosis and delivery skills through hands-on practice and coaching.

Superpower #3

Become an internal force of innovation and progress that actively moves the entire organization forward.

Superpower #4

Immediately dissolve silos and barriers by using workshops and sprints requiring collaboration.

Superpower #5

Feel positive and happy having been part of a fun, high energy, interesting group experience.

Superpower #6

Help your team and colleagues work faster, more productively and do more valuable work.

how we deliver our training

Always Inspirational

Be inspired

We disarm any resistance early on with the right dose of inspiration. This isn’t a typical, sleep-inducing corporate training that leaves you jaded and bored. Instead, you leave on a high, ready to adopt the new!

Be energised

We bring the energy with us! We inject energy into everything we do so every participant is in the right frame of mind to learn and love the training — a big credibility boost for building innovation capability.

Get a peek at how the best innovators work.

Having worked with some of the hottest startups and biggest corporations in the world, we let you in behind the scenes to learn about cool projects and the elite ways of working.

Always Practical

Learn from real experts

We don’t just read from a script. The same people who run Sprints for the world’s most successful brands also deliver your training. This means you get to hear great real-life examples and learn from the experts.

Learn by doing

We believe learning happens best when you get your hands dirty. We give you a realistic sandbox to learn in through trial-and-error without needing to worry about consequences.

Get the proven recipes

Breakthrough innovation doesn’t happen by accident. It’s the result of battle-tested methods, refined tools and proven methodologies. We give you these easy-to-repeat recipes to put to use immediately.

Always Valuable

Be confident after we’ve left

Monthly coaching calls with Jake Knapp, and our Sprint Consultants gives you the support you need to confidently deliver and face inevitable challenges.

Refresh on-demand

With lifetime access to our online masterclass, you can refresh your knowledge in Design Sprints whenever you want, so you can protect against technique drift over time.

You keep the momentum going

With access to our exclusive online community of Sprint Facilitators and experts you can continue your learning journey by accessing the experience of others.

training options

Who are our trainings for?

Individuals and small business teams of less than 10 people

Take the only official, Jake Knapp endorsed Design Sprint Certification, and future proof your career. This Masterclass teaches you step-by-step how to run a Design Sprint in 4 days and provides all of the resources, templates and checklist to run them like us.

Online Design Sprint Masterclass

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Corporate teams of 10-100 people

A high energy, fun programme for cross functional and natural product teams to learn how to collaborate better, apply Design Thinking, run innovation workshops, facilitate Design Sprints and be a confident facilitator.

Innovation Workshop and Design Sprint Bootcamp

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Enterprise Teams of 100+ people

A scalable, self-guided, online training and toolbox for all teams (not just product, design or development) to learn how to collaborate better, apply Design Thinking, run innovation workshops, facilitate Sprints and be a confident facilitator.

AJ&Smart Design Thinking and Innovation Platform

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Give People and Teams the Confidence to Act

“The Design Sprint Bootcamp was a great, easy and inspiring learning experience. The new skills will help me to support my customers achieving innovations and success quicker.”

Kersten Flore, Account Delivery Executive, Microsoft

“Loved learning and experiencing how to run a sprint. I also feel like I walked away with some awesome, decision making processes that can be effective as tools on their own.”

Bree Swineford, Product Designer, Twitter

“AJ&Smart's Design Sprint training was an incredibly valuable and enjoyable experience, that I know will have lasting impact on our business.”

Tom Cannon, Salesforce AppExchange

“AJ&Smart provided a very fresh and inspirational learning experience coupled with practical expert tips on how to run a sprint yourself. I would recommend to try it out!”

Verena Lübken, Innovation Concept Designer at EON

“Very experienced trainers it really enables to moderate your own sprints.”


“A real participative experience built around clever considered structure and tools.”

Oath / Verizon

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